Eternal Images Tattoo Aftercare

If it is not on this list DO NOT USE IT!

Stop at a store and pick up the following:

  1. a Liquid anti-bacterial soap (Liquid Dial Soap is recommended)
  2. A&D Ointment or Aquaphor
  3. Cocoa Butter (Palmers brand is recommended)

General Care

Remove bandage 3 hours after your tattoo has been bandaged by the artist. Or leave it covered overnight if it has been recommended by the artist. Wash the tattoo with the anti-bacterial soap with warm water. Don't be afraid to touch your tattoo, rinse thoroughly. If your tattoo is slippery to touch then wash again. PAT DRY, do not wipe it dry.

Always apply a LIGHT coat of ointment. Massage it in 3 times a day, for the first 5 days.

Apply cocoa butter when you feel it is dry for the next 2 weeks. (Use the cocoa butter in place of the A&D). Your tattoo will peel like a sunburn in 3-5 days. DO NOT PEEL OR PICK AT IT. Let it peel on its own. Do not let it soak in water. Including bath tubs, hot tubs, pools or lakes. Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or UV light.

Hints and Tips:

While your tattoo is healing it will feel itchy, this is common. DO NOT SCRATCH IT. Give it a light slap and apply ointment or cocoa butter. Wash your hands before touching your tattoo for any reason.

Thank you for choosing Eternal Images Tattoo for your tattoo. We stand behind our work 100%. So, after your tattoo is healed (about a month) if you feel it needs to be touched up PLEASE do not hesitate to contact your artist. We will be happy to help.

Any questions call us or stop down.

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